How do I setup an auto responder ?

The auto-responder is an automated message that will be sent as a reply to all incoming email messages. Many people use auto-responders as vacation messages or confirmations of receipt of the message.
Your auto-responder settings are accessible via webmail for your account. Once logged into webmail click My Auto-Responder which is located under the settings menu.
Enable Auto-Responder - This check-box allows you to quickly turn the auto-responder on or off. If the auto-responder is disabled, the Auto-Responder Message tab will not be enabled.
Auto-Responder Message
This tab will only be enabled if the auto-responder is enabled.
Subject - Enter a subject for your auto-responder (e.g. Vacation).
HTML or Plain Text - Determine whether you want to compose your auto-responder in plain text or HTML.
Body - Enter a body, or text that you would like to include in the automatic response, for example, "I am on vacation in Hawaii, and will not have access to a computer until Monday."

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