How do I use my domain with Pacific Online's hosting ?

If you have an existing domain name you can use it with your Pacific Online hosting account.

Login to Pacific Online's Hosting Control Panel using your web hosting account username and password. Once logged in select Domain Administration. The next page shows all the domains currently pointing to your hosting account. To add a new domain simply click Add Domain, enter the domain name and then click Insert. Your domain will be activated instantly.

If the domain was purchased from Pacific Online no further steps are necessary and your domain will be activated immediately. If you have purchased your domain from a different domain registration service or registrar you will need to 'point' that domain to Pacific Online. For your domain to be active and directing visitors to your account, the domain name must be pointing to our name servers.

To point your domain to Pacific Online you must update the Domain Name Servers (DNS) associated with your domain name. You domain name must be configured to use the following name servers:

Primary Name Server
Primary Server Hostname......:
Primary Server Netaddress....:

Secondary Name Server
Secondary Server Hostname....:
Secondary Server Netaddress..:

Any other records should be deleted. 
Each registrar has a different procedures for editing your domain record. Typically users will have a username and password that can be used to login to a control panel and make these updates. As there are hundreds of domain registrars we are unable to provide exact procedures for each. If you need any assistance with this process please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Once you have updated your record please allow approximately 24 hours for the change to come into effect. Once this information has been updated you may use your domain name to access your web site.

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